Ultra-Fast SSD ThunderBolt Arrays

Solid-State ThunderBolt Drive Arrays

Shopping for the fastest ThunderBolt SSD array drive products? Explore these Solid-State flash memory multi-drive RAID SSD solutions for insanely fast data transfers and backups on you Mac or PC computer.

Akitio RAID SSD Buffalo SSD RAID
Akitio ThunderBolt RAID

256GB x 2 SSD Drives
Buffalo ThunderBolt RAID

256GB - 512GB - 1TB SSD

LaCie RAID SSD Akitio Portable RAID
LaCie ThunderBolt RAID

(256x2) 512GB SSD Drives
Akitio Palm Drive RAID

Dual mSATA SSD Modules

Four Ultra Fast ThunderBolt RAID Drives

Above is a sampling of some extremely fast ThunderBolt solid-state RAID array storage options that are currently shipping. Some are software-based RAID configurations, some of which have been pre-configured for high-speed RAID 0 striping, with the option of reconfiguring using Apple's OSX Disk Utility for Mirrored RAID 1 if security and redundancy is preferred. Others may be hardware based RAID devices. In RAID 0 setups, these multi-ssd arrays can deliver peak data transfer rates exceeding 700MB/s making them ideal for high-demand, high-capacity data storage environments such as video editing.

Akitio ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

A newcomer to the Apple computer data storage and peripherals scene, Akitio is emerging as a very powerful player in the USB 3.Xß and ThunderBolt device marketplace. Not only technologically proficient in developing and delivering cutting edge data storage solutions (as well as other computer accessories) -- They also have sleek and stylish design aesthetic that's very appealing to Macintosh users. The solid-state Neutrino Thunder Duo solid-state RAID drive delivers high-performance at very competitive per/Gigabyte prices.

LaCie ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

Continuing a decades long tradition of great support for the Apple computing platform, storage leader LaCie was among the first companies to ship ThunderBolt drives. They were also the first to deliver a solid-state ThunderBolt SSD flash memory based storage product with it's Rugged portables. They've continued to advance the Little Big Disk line with much faster SATA III drive support and next-generation SSD drive modules to push Read/Write speeds even further up the charts.

Buffalo Technologies ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

A longstanding player in data storage drives and peripherals, Buffalo has been attentive to the Macintosh backup drive market for a long time. They're notable for delivering the first truly cheap ThunderBolt backup drive with it's DriveStation mini combo USB3 + ThunderBolt portable hard drive. Recently, they introduced three capacities of the Dual ThunderBolt port SSD DriveStation RAID line for higher performance, high-capactiy solid-state storage.

Thunderbolt SSD's Getting Cheaper And Bigger

With solid-state drive prices collapsing and prices edging down below 25 cents a Gigabyte as the year progresses, truly high-capacity and far more affordable ThunderBolt drives have reached the market. Capacity is increasing too as 1TB and 2TB drives and modules began shipping. When combined in pairs as a striped RAID 0 array, the latest generation of SATA III and PCIe SSD drives easily deliver the raw data bandwidth that ThunderBolt interface is capable of.