The Fastest ThunderBolt SSD Drives : RAID Arrays

Ultra-Fast SSD ThunderBolt Arrays

Solid-State ThunderBolt Drive Arrays

Shopping for the fastest ThunderBolt SSD array drive products? Explore these Solid-State flash memory multi-drive RAID SSD solutions for insanely fast data transfers and backups on you Mac or PC computer.

Four Ultra Fast ThunderBolt RAID Drives

Below is a sampling of some extremely fast ThunderBolt solid-state RAID array storage options that are currently shipping. Some are software-based RAID configurations, some of which have been pre-configured for high-speed RAID 0 striping, with the option of reconfiguring using Apple's OSX Disk Utility for Mirrored RAID 1 if security and redundancy is preferred. Others may be hardware based RAID devices. In RAID 0 setups, these multi-ssd arrays can deliver peak data transfer rates exceeding 700MB/s making them ideal for high-demand, high-capacity data storage environments such as video editing.

Akitio RAID SSD Buffalo RAID SSd
Akitio ThunderBolt RAID

256GB x 2 SSD Drives
Bufalo ThunderBolt RAID

256GB - 512GB - 1TB SSD

LaCie RAID SSD Akitio Portable RAID
LaCie ThunderBolt RAID

(256x2) 512GB SSD Drives
Akitio Palm Drive RAID

Dual mSATA SSD Modules

Akitio ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

A newcomer to the Apple computer data storage and peripherals scene, Akitio is emerging as a very powerful player in the USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt device marketplace. Not only technologically proficient in developing and delivering cutting edge data storage solutions (as well as other computer accessories) -- They also have sleek and stylish design aesthetic that's very appealing to Macintosh users. The solid-state Neutrino Thunder Duo solid-state RAID drive delivers high-performance at very competitive per/Gigabyte prices.

LaCie ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

Continuing a decades long tradition of great support for the Apple computing platform, storage leader LaCie was among the first companies to ship ThunderBolt drives. They were also the first to deliver a solid-state ThunderBolt SSD flash memory based storage product with it's Rugged portables. They've continued to advance the Little Big Disk line with much faster SATA III drive support and next-generation SSD drive modules to push Read/Write speeds even further up the charts.

Buffalo Technologies ThunderBolt Interface Storage Products

A longstanding player in data storage drives and peripherals, Buffalo has been attentive to the Macintosh backup drive market for a long time. They're notable for delivering the first truly cheap ThunderBolt backup drive with it's DriveStation mini combo USB3 + ThunderBolt portable hard drive. Recently, they introduced three capacities of the Dual ThunderBolt port SSD DriveStation RAID line for higher performance, high-capactiy solid-state storage.

Thunderbolt SSD's Getting Cheaper And Bigger

With solid-state drive prices collapsing and prices edging down below 25 cents a Gigabyte as the year progresses, truly high-capacity and far more affordable ThunderBolt drives have reached the market. Capacity is increasing too as 1TB and 2TB drives and modules began shipping. When combined in pairs as a striped RAID 0 array, the latest generation of SATA III and PCIe SSD drives easily deliver the raw data bandwidth that ThunderBolt interface is capable of.