External SSD Drive Makers

Manufacturers Of Thunderbolt SSD Backup Drives

Below is a sampling of some of the major PC and Apple computer technology companies that make and sell Thunderbolt interface storage devices. Some focus on solid-state flash memory hardware. Others offer either a variety of mechanical HDD and flash SSD storage products. A few others are primarily HDD hard disk focused. They may offer Build-It-Yourself Thunderbolt enclosures or drive docks to use SSD drives or modules of your choosing.

StoreJet Thunderbolt SSD From Transcend

Ultra-Fast PCIe NVMe Storage Module


Thunderbolt drive solutions from Akitio have come to the forefront recently. With a high-caliber sense of design and style they are highly appealing to Apple Macbook and Macintosh desktop users wanting storage solutions that are both functional and stylish. Their Akitio Palm-RAID portable Thunderbolt dual drive array was one of the first to incorporate a pair of mSATA SSD modules into a sleek, aluminum portable Thunderbolt enclosure with integrated cable. Akitio is also known for it's multi-port Thunderbolt drive adapter with FireWire, USB3 and eSATA connections for connecting legacy external storage devices.

Cable Matters

CableMatters has long provided a wide range of computer cabling, adapters and hubs. Recently, they added a portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD backup drive to their product lineup.


California storage specialist Cal-Digit has long provided high-speed multi-drive RAID arrays to demanding professional consumers in the audio and video production marketplace. They offer both HDD for high-capacity storage and SSD solid state drive solutions for high-speed data transfers. They too have a great design aesthetic and make good-looking machined aluminum enlclosures to compliment your computing hardware beautifully. They rapidly transitioned to 20Gbps Thunderbolt2 chipsets as the specification advanced, and are likely to embrace Thunderbolt 3 as demand increases.


Fantom Drives is a division of the Micronet Technology family. They hold 7 worldwide patents in the data storage and technology industry. Aard-winning storage soluions include G-Force and GreenDrive External Hard Drives, RAIDBank5 and Platinum RAID Disk Arrays, MaxNAS & SmartNAS Network Attached Storage solutions.


After a recent merger with Hitachi Storage Technology (HST), G-Technology has become a premiere manufacturer of Thunderbolt storage solutions using both Thunderbolt and in some models, USB 3x combo interfaces for additional flexibility in varied computing environments.

High Point

Though not a drive manufacturer per-se, HighPoint does make the RockStor Thunderbolt drive docking station that let's you plunk bare 3.5" or 2.5" SATA SSD or HDD drives into it's slots and connect via Thunderbolt. Such drive docks are favored by Mac and PC bench technicians for quick mounting and easy drive cloning, backup and file transfer tasks.


The most diverse lineup of Thunderbolt storage products comes from longtime market leader LaCie - who are now owned by Seagate. They were one of the first companies to embrace the initial 10Gbps original Thunderbolt interface. They continue with a vast range of single and multi-drive RAID array solutions using both HDD and SSD storage technologies - in both portable and desktop storage configurations. They quickly updated to 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 chipsets when it was introduced. And of note: LaCie is leading the way with both high-bandwidth PCIe SSD module based drives, and with the emerging 40Gbps Type-C Thunderbolt 3 interface.


Monster Digital is a new player in the computer storage marketplace - but has come up with a series of portable Thunderbolt backup drives - some of which are 10bps Thunderbolt, others USB 3.0 - and some combo-interface TBolt and USB3 drives.

Other World Computing

OWC has been an agressive 3rd-party player in both the SSD and Thunderbolt marketplace. They excel at taking other companies OEM reference designs and getting custom manufacturing done to tackle small but lucrative Apple compatible product niches. Custom upgrade SSD modules for MacBook Air and Pro's is one example. A broad line of OWC Thunderbolt enclosures, docks and drives is another.

Promise Technology

Geared more for high-end AV production and enterprise computing environments, Promise was the very first company to offer a Thunderbolt storage solution when Intel and Apple introduced the first Mac's with 10Gps Thunderbolt ports. They were also early adopters in bringing 20Gbps Thunderbolt2 RAID solutions to market quickly when the specification was revised. Thier product line focuses on 4, 6, 8 multi-drive Thunderbolt RAID 0,1,4,5 HDD drive arrays, but also sell their RAID enclosures bare to configure with the SSD or HDD drive modules of your choosing.


The undisputed leader in solid-state drive technology recently expanded into the Thunderbolt arena with the release of it's X5 Thunderbolt 3 portable backup drive. With NVMe PCIe blade modules, it's a blistering performer well-matched to the 40Gbps bandwidth of a PC or Mac's Thunderbolt 3 port.


Seagate has a long history with both PC and Mac computer users - since the dawn of personal computers really. They were an early player in the Thunderbolt drive market with it's versatile, exchangable multi-interface 'Go-Flex' and 'Backup Plus' desktop and portable drives. However, these have been discontinued after Seagate acquired LaCie. As a brand, Seagate is now leaning more towards Enterprise and Cloud solutions, leaving LaCie to the PC and Mac consumer markets.


A longtime provider of computer adapters and converters, Plugable is getting into the solid-state drive arena with a Windows and Apple compatible PCIe NVMe SSD Thunderbolt 3 portable drive.

Silicon Power

A far-eastern manufacturer exclusively focused on solid-state flash memory storage hardware, Silicon Power is most noted for making the physically smallest Thunderbolt backup drive to date. It's T-1 external Thunderbolt SSD drive uses a single mSATA module for an ultra-compact portable PC or Mac compatible TBolt drive the size of a matchbox.

Transcend International

An expert in flash memory storage, Transcend has been in the solid-state storage market longer than any of the others mentioned here. They've been making SSD drives for the military, government and industrial applications long before a consumer market for internal or external SSD drives even existed. Recently they expanded into the consumer space with USB3 and Thunderbolt external Mac backup drives - as well as Apple compatible internal SSD drive module upgrades for MacBook Air and Pro Apple laptops.

WD - Western Digital

A long-standing hard drive manufacturer for both OEM and consumer markets, WD has a good track record for Thunderbolt HDD storage solutions particualarly with it's MyBook HDD RAID array's. But it's only recently that it's acquired and introduced solid-state drive products to the market. It remains to be seen what other Thunderbolt based external drive products Western Digital plans to introduce.