ThunderBolt Flash Storage

Plugable Thunderbolt SSD Devices

Shopping for a stylish and cutting edge Apple Thunderbolt storage solution for a newer Macintosh computer? Plugable offers a solid-state ThunderBolt 3 external SSD portable drive that's insanely fast and highly affordable. Indeed, the Plugable TBT3-NVME480 is one of the cheapest external Thunderbolt3 SSD backup drives for Mac currently available. Using a Phison E7 MLC controller, the SSD offers impressive speeds of up to 2400+ MBps reads and 1200+ MBps writes.


Portable External ThunderBolt 3 SSD

Integrated TBolt3 Cable - 480GB Capacity

Plugable Single-Drive Portable ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Designed perhaps more for the consumer marketplace and not the enterprise space, this only has a single ThunderBolt connection with permanently attached 7 inch cable. It doesn't offer dual pass-through Type-C ThunderBolt3 ports like higher-end drives would. As such, it's best directly connected to your new MacBook, iMac Pro or PC laptop or used as the last device in a TB3 daisy-chain configuration.

Other Plugable ThunderBolt Products

Of note: Plugable offers additional computer peripherals and storage related products of interest to Apple users on their website.