ThunderBolt Flash Storage

OWC Thunderbolt SSD Storage Devices

MacSales aka OWC has been a longstand and great VAR Value-Added Reseller and supporter of the Macintosh for many, many years. They offer a good range of Intel and Apple ThunderBolt compatible computing hardware with good support for Thunderbolt SSD storage solutions.


OWC ThunderBlade PCIEe External SSD

250, 500, 1TB and 2TB Storage Capacities


M.2 NVMe PCIe Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure

Using the compatible NVMe PCIe module of your choice, OWC's Envoy enclosure lets you built your own PC / Mac backup drive on the cheap.

Low-Cost OWC Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosure

For 2280 NVMe PCIe SSD Modules

Though not the fastest DIY Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, the OWC Envoy Express case with integrated 10.2" TB3 cable delivers up to 1553MB/s read speeds for well under $100USD.

OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini ThunderBolt 2 Enclosure

Fit With 4 2.5" SATA SSD's Of Your Choosing

If you want to build your own ThunderBolt SSD array, the ThunderBay 4 mini enclosure above can deliver an extremely fast and/or high-capacity solution using the solid-state SATA drives of your choosing.

OWC Dual-Drive ThunderBolt Dock

Below we have a great solution for bench techs and others who want the convenience of upgrading, swapping, cloning or restoring HDD / SSD data via 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 or 10Gbps ThunderBolt connectivity. It supports both or either HDD or SSD, 2.5" or 3.5" SATA storage devices.

OWC Quick Swap Drive Dock

SATA Hard Disk Or SSD Drive Support

OWC Single-Drive Portable ThunderBolt Backup Drives

OWC sells their own as well as a few popular brands of 1-drive mobile ThunderBolt SSD storage solutions from LaCie and ElGato.

OWC Multi-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

OWC has an extensive line of thier own multi-drive RAID array solutions in varying capacities using either solid-state or hard disk components.

Other ThunderBolt OWC Peripherals

Other World Computing has grown to a large company with a broad and significant ThunderBolt technology folder that goes beyond just SSD and HDD drive solutions.
OWC ThunderBolt2 Multiport Dock

Audio, Video, FireWire 800, Ethernet, USB 3.0 Ports

Above we have OWC's 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 docking hub with a variety of ports for your legacy USB, FireWire or NAS solid-state SSD or hard drives. It also features Analog audio speaker / microphone / headphone / headset jacks and 4K high resolution display support as well. A similar ThunderBolt3 version is now shipping as well:

OWC's Multiport ThunderBolt3 Dock

Audio + Video + Data : With TBolt3 Pass Through Ports