ThunderBolt Flash Storage

Monster Digital Thunderbolt SSD Storage Devices

Monster is perhaps best known for it's high-quality audio cabling, but it does have a notable 10Gbps portable SSD Thunderbolt drive for Mac users that is VERY agressively priced and an affordable solution for Apple laptop and desktop users with DisplayPort type Thunderbolt ports.


Monster Portable ThunderBolt SSD Drive

Integrated TBolt Cable - 512Gb/1TB Capacities

Monster Digital's OverDrive SSD is a great value for Mac or PC users with a 1st or 2nd generation Thunderbolt port they'd like to take advantage of.

Monster Digital Single-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Monster Digital Multi-Drive Portable ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

It remains to be seen where Monster goes with it's MacOS and Windows data storage product line as it undergoes a recent acquisition and merger to solidify and diversify it's market position.