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ThunderBolt Interface Storage

LaCie Brand Thunderbolt Computer Backup Drives

LaCie offers a more extensive product line of HDD and SSD Thunderbolt storage than any other manufacturer. They have a good range of Thunderbolt peripherals for both consumers and very demanding professional and enterprise storage needs.

LaCie SSD ThunderBolt Rugged Drive

Integrated ThunderBolt Cable Included

LaCie Single-Drive Portable ThunderBolt Backup Drives

LaCie's 'Rugged' series portable ThunderBolt SSD drive above remains a popular seller. There are various options between SSD (250GB, 500GB and 1TB) versions: Some ThunderBolt ONLY, some combo interface TBolt and USB 3.0. Some are hard disk based models, so choose carefully. The model numbers of the solid-state ThunderBolt SSD versions are: LAC9000490=250GB SSD, STEZ500400=500GB SSD, and LAC9000602=1Terbyte SSD.

LaCie Single-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt Backup Drives

For solid-state desktop storage LaCie only offers a 'Hybrid' option. Some of it's D2 series external hard drives have an optional 128GB SSD ThunderBolt backplane that can be slid into the rear of the enclosure, posing as 2 separate SSD/HDD disks.

LaCie Multi-Drive Portable ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

LaCie ThunderBolt 3 SSD RAID

Bolt3 Dual PCIe SSD Modules - Type-C Interface

LaCie Multi-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

LaCie's "Little Big Disk" ThunderBolt SSD's have sadly been discontinued. Even thier rather recent dual PCIe module ThunderBolt 2 drive which delivered a whopping 1400MBps transfer rates in the palm of your hand. LaCie continues to offer Thunderbolt/ThunderBolt 2 external hard drive arrays - but for the time being have backed-off of solid-state ThunderBolt solutions. Part of this may be due to thier historic pricing: With TBolt SSD offerings starting at $799 and up to and beyond $1999, they priced themselves out of the high volume consumer makret that wanted something far more affordable for their Mac or PC backups.